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What is a Balance Disorder?

A balance disorder is a condition that makes you feel dizzy or unsteady. It can occur if you are standing, sitting or lying down……

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How are Balance Disorders Diagnosed?

There are many causes of balance disorders. Seeing an Audiologist is an important step…….

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How are Balance Disorders Treated?

No underlying medical or medication issue? Our Audiologists have proven treatments to  help your Balance problem……..

Tasmanian Balance Clinic

The Tasmanian Balance Clinic supports the growing numbers of people who are affected with Balance Disorders. There have been considerable technological developments in the diagnosis of Balance Disorders. The Audiologists at the Tasmanian Balance Clinic, working with your doctor, are ready to help identify if your symptoms are that of a Balance Disorder.

Our Audiologists are specialist clinicians who have reached a higher level of the hearing and vestibular systems. These systems are complex and vary greatly between individuals. We use multiple testing measures to accurately assess the cause, type and extent of your balance problem.

Treatment and intervention options are then discussed and explained fully. Many cases respond well to our advanced treatment pathways, while others will require referral to a different allied health specialist or a specialist otolaryngologist.

No referral is required to access our audiology services. Ring our receptionist to start your balance disorder assessment.

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What people say about the Tasmanian Balance Clinic

When the dizziness started I thought I would have to quit my job as a driver. With the right help I am back on the road.


Age 27

I was terrified that I would never leave the house again. The dizziness was constant. I could barely get out of bed.The professionals have changed my life.

Meredith M

Age 54

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