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Happy afetr balance problem treatment hobart


The Tasmanian Balance Clinic has been established to support the growing numbers of people presenting with balance disorders. Developments in the diagnosis of a balance disorders has vastly improved in the last 5 years. The Audiologists of the Tasmanian Balance Clinic in conjuction with your doctor can now help identify if you have a balance problem.

Our Audiologists are specialist clinicians who specialize in the function of the hearing and vestibular systems. These systems are complex and as a result the assessment may include multiple tests to accurately assessing the cause and type of your balance problem.

Treatment and intervention varies from case to case. Many balance problems respond well to our advanced treatment regimes, while others will require referral to a specialist otolaryngologist.

No referral is necessary to access our Experienced Audiologists. Ring today to start your personalised assessment.

Our Approach & Values

Balance disorders vary from person to person. The initial consultation will focus on your individual situation. Our testing and assessments are thorough, comprehensive and tailored to you. Formulating a plan to improve your balance is a joint, informed process. 

Our Audiologists

  • University trained
  • Advanced Equipment
  • A+ Grade clinical facilities
  • Mentored by one of Australia’s most experienced Audiologists


Our Audiometrists

  • Tertiary Trained
  • Client Focussed

Our Administrative Staff

  • Understanding
  • Ready to Help you

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